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Catherine Ellis and Woven Shibori

by Lauren on January 12, 2013

in Featured Classes, Featured Teacher, Fiber Arts

Gathering the fabric

Gathering the fabric for woven Shibori

Catharine Ellis is about to teach Woven Shibori- Dyeing Green at the Folk School starting January 13! Check out her class here. 

Woven shibori is a technique of weaving whereby gathering threads are woven into cloth, the same time that the cloth is being woven on a loom. The gathering threads are temporarily used to gather the cloth tightly; the bundle is dyed. When dried, and the gathering threads removed, patterns are revealed where the dye couldn’t penetrate into the very tight folds. The natural dyes used will be a variety of yellows and golds, plus indigo, to make a full spectrum of greens. Catharine’s assistant will be Rebecca Porche, currently a second-year fibers/textile student at HCC Professional Crafts.

Shibori Fabric

Shibori Fabric

Catharine taught the Professional Crafts/Fiber Program at Haywood Community College for 30 years and is now devoted to studio work, research, and specialized teaching. She is the author of “Woven Shibori” (Interweave Press, 2005) and her work has been featured in “Fiberarts” magazine and “Surface Design Journal.” Catharine has exhibited and taught classes throughout the United States and in Canada, Korea, Chile, Japan, Holland, France, and Australia. Since she retired in 2008, she’s pursued more travel, more craft school teaching, more research in her woven shibori work, and work in natural dyes, as well as helping others, including the Oriole Mill in Hendersonville, a vacation/craft destination in the Virgin Islands, and CLOTH/Fiber in Asheville.

Catherine Ellis

Catherine Ellis

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