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Remembering Jean Ritchie

by David Brose, Folklorist on June 9, 2015

in Folk School Folks, From the Archives, In the News, Music & Dance

Jean Ritchie (February 1922-June 1, 2015) was an icon of Appalachian folk music. The youngest of fourteen children, Jean grew up in Viper, Kentucky hearing songs throughout the day as her parents and siblings sang while working with crops, cleaning the house, walking to places in the community and while at leisure. Jean was the […]

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Part III:  Folk School Staff with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Connections In researching Part II to learn more about the AFSC people and their work camp life, I discovered other unexpected AFSC connections to the Folk School.  Primarily, two of our well known and long serving staff members came to work at the school […]


Working Under the Star–Part II

by Rooney Floyd on April 11, 2013

in Blacksmithing, From the Archives

Part II:   Who were these AFSC people, anyway? In Part I we discussed replacing the old wooden American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) medallion with the new ceramic one.  I hope by now you have gone by Paul Garrett’s shop, admired it, and told Lisa TeviaClark and Jim Clark what a fine job they did making […]

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Working Under the Star- Part I

by Rooney Floyd on April 8, 2013

in Blacksmithing, From the Archives

Part I of a III Part Series During Blacksmith Work Week in March of 2012, we were replacing an old gable vent on the south side of the Oscar Cantrell Shop, now the shop of resident blacksmith, Paul Garrett. To remove the existing vent, a ladder was placed right in front of the old weathered, […]


The last few mornings in the History Center, I have been downstairs putting together our latest exhibit.  While I was absorbed in my thoughts of arranging textiles in glass display cases, I finally glanced up to notice Danny Wilson outside the window, on his hands and knees, busily working away.   It turns out, Danny was […]