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Jan writes …

From the Desk of Jan Davidson: Life Goes On

by Jan Davidson, Director on November 12, 2015

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Dear Family, Monday before the Fall Festival was a lovely soft morning in Brasstown, with a low cloud just burning off. I was on the way to Morningsong and just about to walk in the big red door at Keith House, when a car roared into the driveway. “Jan!” the guy said, “Hey! This is […]


From the Desk of Jan Davidson: Happy Trails

by Jan Davidson, Director on August 12, 2015

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The Folk School is a famous group experience. We operate mostly in company, but sometimes we need to take off and wander around. Insight often needs a little walk around the park, or a stroll in the countryside. We’ve got 300 acres for that. And we have trails, which are in the news now, as […]


Pizza Day minus 6 years. A potter, a dulcimer player, a painter, a poet and a berry farmer build a barrel-vaulted brick oven. Timber-framers build a structure around it. Iron workers make long-handled rakes, forks and peels. Stone-building classes dry-stack elbowhigh walls around it, carpenters make picnic tables and benches. Gardening classes plant fennel, oregano […]


From the Desk of Jan Davidson: Lifelong Attachment

by Jan Davidson, Director on March 12, 2015

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The nineteenth century Danish thinker N. S. F. Grundtvig proposed that the purpose of the Folk School would be to “awaken, enliven, enlighten,” or, as the twentieth century Jamaican thinker Bob Marley put it, “lively up yo’ sef.” Today is a great day to be alive anywhere, and especially at the Folk School. Full of […]


Do you know about the heart of the Folk School? The people, the creativity, the tradition, the camaraderie, the music, the home cooking, the smell of Keith House when you first walk in? Arguably, these are all elements that make up the intangible heart of the Folk School, but I am talking here about the […]

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