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It’s that time of the year when students are preparing to return to school. For the first day, the feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, and even a little nervousness is in the air. Arriving at school for a new year, students know they will be challenged, learn, and grow. Walking into a class for the first time […]


  Come on down to Brasstown the week of August 13- September 6 for Scottish Heritage Week at the Folk School, featuring a festive week of Celtic themed classes and demonstrations. If you are of Scottish descent, or merely love the culture, come enjoy a “taste of Scotland” through fascinating history and stories, lively music […]


Bowed Psaltery Weekend

by Annie Fain Barralon on July 30, 2014

in Featured Classes, Music! Dancing!

The bowed psaltery can be traced back to at least 1600 A.D. The strings are strung across a sound box, most often triangular in shape allowing each string to extend a little farther than the one before it, so that each can be played individually with a small horsehair bow. It is also possible to […]


                What to do with all your scrap copper?……… Make jewelry, and then enamel it! Learn how to make beautiful jewelry out of scrap copper in Enameling Class “Reuse, Recycle…Enameling!” September 12-14, 2014. We will cover where to find scrap, including roofing copper, old copper tubing and other types,  how […]


Come celebrate the joy and beauty of both the hammered and lap dulcimer in a small, intimate, non-competitive setting. Unlike any other dulcimer camp, Dulcimer Celebration, now in its 15th year, is a unique week designed for both hammered and mountain dulcimers to provide the opportunity to improve technique, expand repertoire and have fun with […]

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