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Featured Classes

I just finished teaching a weekend class on pollinators and gardening at the Folk School. My class was a great group of folks. We learned about seeding starting and growing native milkweeds for monarch eggs and caterpillars, planting flowers, native shrubs and trees for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, the challenges of neonicotinoids and herbicides. The […]


Emily’s Mom’s Sticky Buns

by Cory Marie Podielski on May 21, 2016

in Cooking, Featured Classes

Every year, we have a sweet tooth soothing tradition in Emily Buehler’s bread baking class. On Thursday, students team up to make a special recipe: Emily’s Mom’s Sticky Buns. The beginning of the week is spent learning the basics of  breads like baguettes, sourdough loaves and whole wheat sandwich bread. By Thursday, students are happy […]


Back to Summer Camp

by Cory Marie Podielski on May 20, 2016

in Featured Classes

Nostalgic for the carefree days of summer camp? Discover why many of our loyal students lovingly call the Folk School their “summer camp for adults.” Spend your vacation learning new skills, making things, and socializing with new friends. Explore our winding streams and woodland trails, savor delicious Dining Hall meals, and relax on our porches […]


Around the World

by Cory Marie Podielski on May 13, 2016

in Featured Classes

A Folk School learning vacation can transport you to the far corners of the world… and you won’t need a passport. We also offer themed weeks, such as September’s Scottish Heritage Week. This summer, come experience the pleasures of different cultures during a Folk School weeklong or weekend class.


Make Her Mother’s Day

by Cory Marie Podielski on May 1, 2016

in Featured Classes

A Folk School vacation is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. By giving your mom a Folk School Gift Certificate, she can choose her favorite class from over 50 subjects. Gift certificates are available in any amount, and can be used toward tuition, lodging and/or meals. Or, Mom can use her Gift Certificate in the Craft […]