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Chair Making has a long history in Appalachia and at the Folk School. When the school first opened its doors in 1925, folks in the community donated 100 hand-made chairs to be used in the school’s opening celebration. Most of those remain on campus today in places like the Keith House living room, as well […]


The fall and winter represent a retreat to home and hearth: a time for congregation, household, and feast. For centuries, the hearth was essential to the home for warmth and food preparation – a center to gather around… the place to be. Merriam Webster defines hearth as 1.) a fireplace and the area surrounding, 2.) […]


“We Still Make Things” is a video series that we do to show you what our students are up to at the Folk School. Here’s the video from this week:   Can’t see it? Try reloading your browser, or visit our home page to see the video:


Does man make the instrument or does the instrument make the man? Here at the Folk School, we’ve been hearing soulful notes and beautiful melodies played on hand-crafted instruments for almost a hundred years. Both men and women make all kinds of instruments in our Woodworking Studio. Students can build dulcimers, lyres, banjos, flutes, dobros, […]

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Almost every Folk School class utilizes valuable craft-making tools – tools that help us to get the job done. The Folk School offers several tool-making classes to help you expand your own personal toolbox. Do you love fly fishing or archery? Imagine telling your buddy on your next fishing/hunting trip, “I made this rod!” or […]