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Discovering techniques that make it easier to learn fiddle tunes by ear.

fiddleclipNary a week goes by at the Folk School when you do not hear the sweet sounds of fiddling coming from either the Community Dance, the Music Studio, MorningSong, a concert, a jam, or perhaps a lone fiddler out in Open House practicing a tune.

The Folk School has a great schedule of upcoming fiddle classes. Come immerse yourself for a week of all day classes with top notch instructors, practice amid the beautiful backdrop of the blue mountains of Brasstown, make new friends and eat food right out of the Folk School garden.

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Spooning Up Fun in the Craft Shop

by June Rollins on September 10, 2014

in Craft Shop

spoonsWe love our new wood pyrography spoons by Teri Paulk! They’re all food safe except for the painted Dogwoods on the back left.

Only $29.50 each and going fast!

Yes, the bear puzzle with a bee hive hidden inside on the right is for sale too! Yes, that awesome tumbler/spoon holder is for sale. Yes, those little brooms on the  lower  left are too. They’re great for sweeping up table crumbs…

Hope To See You Soon!


The Craft Shop Hours:

Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri., Sat. – 8am-5pm
Thu. – 8am-6pm
Sun. – 1-5pm
Phone for pricing and shipping info: 828-837-3899
Or, stop by, we’d love to see you!

Handcrafted Merchandise Arriving Daily
At John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop!

Bottom floor of the Olive Dame Campbell Dining Hall. Campus Map


IMG_9474_retWEBRing in the New Year dancing to the glorious live music of Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Anna Patton, Bruce Rosen, Mick Kinney, Geraud Barralon and FOXFIRE!

Winter Dance Week offers a unique combination of top-notch callers, teachers, and musicians – along with beautiful surroundings, good food, comfortable accommodations, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
A Gala New Year’s Eve Party and New Year’s morning breakfast will finish off the week.

 *SPECIAL OFFER: Register on or before November 1 and get a special rate of $300

Your All-Star staff:
-Sue Rosen
-David Millstone
-Charlotte Crittenden
-Anna Patton & Ethan Hazzard-Watkins of Elixr
-Bruce Rosen of Phantom Power
-Daron Douglas & Karen Axelrod of Foxfire
-Matt Olwell & Emily Oleson
-Elise Witt
-Mick Kinney
-Carl Dreher
-Geraud Barralon

Participants should have previous contra dance and/or English country dance experience (such as our “Learn to Contra Dance” class or the equivalent). We do not recommend Winter Dance Week for beginning dancers.

Standard Tuition: $376*
Local Tuition: $188

Limited work exchange scholarships are available. Phone the office or email to request a scholarship application.

This year’s schedule includes some exciting new workshops.

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Luttie May Comes Alive

by Martha Ann Wilkerson on August 26, 2014

in Around Campus, Hear from Students, We Still Make Things, Writing

Brasstown, NC

Brasstown, NC

“I can’t believe it’s over!” said Luttie May.  “Maybe I should have left my suitcase in the room at Rock House so we’d have to come back and get it.”

“And you were dreading the class before we got here,” laughed Irene.  “I guess you’re glad you came.

“Yes, I am!” said Luttie May. Luttie May and Irene walked through the cool, green trees that hid the serenading birds on their way to Keith House for the last Morning Song.

Their first trip to the John C. Campbell Folk School was coming to an end.

“Things I let you talk me into always turn out good.  I was worried when there were only three people in the class.  You know me; I wanted to fade into the background.”

Luttie May stopped on the stone walk in front of Keith House and turned to Irene.

“And I nearly died when you found the reading by the writing class on the schedule. But even that wasn’t bad.  It felt so good when people came up to me the next morning and told me they liked my story!”

“I love it here!” said Irene. “I like quilting but I like meeting all of the people
even more.  Everybody is so nice.  I can’t believe people come all the way from Alaska!”

Luttie May climbed the steps to the red door.  “There’s just one thing I never figured out.  Where exactly is Brasstown?”

Written by Martha Ann Wilkerson while attending “Creating a World That isn’t There” writing class.

For more information on classes, visit our website: 


We Dare You to Be Square: Nov. 14-16

by Cory Marie Podielski on August 25, 2014

in Featured Classes, Music & Dance


Put on your dancin’ shoes and grab a partner for a lively weekend of square dancing in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Join famed dance callers Tom Hinds, Beth Molaro and Janine Smith for an exciting variety of square dance styles originating from various regions of the United States. Enjoy live music by Steve Hickman, John Devine, Claudio Buchwald and Sam Bartlett of Evening Star.

Expect talks on the history of square dancing and dance calling technique, family style meals and a Saturday night Brasstown community square & contra dance. Some previous contra or square dance experience is recommended. Singles and couples welcome. Choose from a range of housing, camping and meal package options. A limited number of scholarships are available.

“Dare to Be Square” Weekend
Nov 14-16, 2014
Instructors: Beth Molaro, Tom Hinds, Janine Smith
Register online

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