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Enjoy a Long Weekend

by Cory Marie Podielski on November 20, 2014

in Featured Classes


Woven ornaments by Pattie Bagley

Our after-Thanksgiving schedule allows a once-a-year opportunity: a Long Weekend!

One day longer than our traditional weekend, this session features Wednesday afternoon arrivals and Saturday midday departures, giving you plenty of time to learn a new skill, make new friends, and enjoy the Folk School.

Woven Ornaments & Decorations

with Pattie Bagley

Learn to weave a wreath to accent your door; angels and/or snowmen to decorate your dining table; and snowflakes, reindeer, and bells to adorn your tree and packages. Work with reed, ribbon, and waxed linen in this lively class full of festive spirit, open to all levels.

Beginning Blacksmithing

with Lyle Wheeler

In this weekend class for beginners, learn to safely start and manage a coal fire and gain basic forging skills.Combine this knowledge to make simple and useful objects from hot iron.


Clay whistle by Catherine Cross Tsintzos

Amazing Clay Whistles

with Catherine Cross Tsintzos

Create an array of whistles in your choice of styles – traditional, historical, theme-based, or whimsical. Easy handbuilding techniques will be used, making this fun class appropriate for whistle aficionados of all levels. Pieces will be decorated with glazes and texture, and fired in an electric kiln.

“Tangles” on Glass

with Karen Reed

Imagine creating beautiful and detailed penned patterns on glass. This class reveals a step-by-step process to do just that! Create your own images in pen and paint. Permanently fired onto the glass, these unique patterns can be used in future stained-glass and fused-glass projects, are food-safe, and are fun to make! Open to beginners and up; only good eyesight or magnification required.

Try old-time, two-finger picking style banjo during our Long Weekend

Try old-time, two-finger picking style banjo during our Long Weekend

Try Old-time, Two-finger Picking Style Banjo

with Chip Arnold

Love the wonderfully expressive, old-time, two-finger picking style made famous by such players as Bascom Lunsford and Will Keys? Wish you could play waltzes easily? If you’re a somewhat experienced clawhammer or three-finger banjo player, apply your skills with new techniques and individual guidance to bring forth your inner two-finger player!  (Levels 2 & 3 – can play 10 or so tunes, slowly, in any style.)

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Wood Engraved print and block project by Nancy Darrell created in Jim Horton's Folk School class

Student print and block project created in Jim Horton’s Wood Engraving class at the Folk School

I recently talked with instructor Jim Horton about printmaking, wood engraving, his upcoming classes and the new Book and Paper Arts Studio. Jim has been a printmaking/graphic design instructor for 43 years, with special interest in historic graphic tools and processes. His work ranges from job printing and book arts to limited-edition prints. Enjoy our interview!

Poster by Jim Horton

Poster by Jim Horton

CP: Where are you from?

JH: I was born in Oklahoma, but lived most of my life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Midwesterner to the bone, but I sure like to visit the South.

CP: Tell me about your history with printmaking?

JH: My father was a sign painter, the old fashioned kind using a brush and gold leaf. It was an incredible skill. He also did silk screen printing back when the fabric was real silk. He cut stencils by hand. So graphic arts was always highly respected on our family culture. Making woodblock prints was way cool. As a college student in art school, naturally, I gravitated to the printmaking studio. I was at home there. I loved the industriousness of proofing an edition of prints on fine paper.

CP: What do you do when you are not in Brasstown?

JH: I was an art teacher, and at every level, teaching graphic design, studio art.. all mediums. That and always printing. A few years back I deeply got into letterpress and engraving. I live in a rural area, and love working outdoors, walking and doing yoga. I still love to draw too. I go over to the local universities and draw from life (models).

Class photo and projects from Jim's class: "The Art of the Great American Poster"

Class photo and projects from Jim’s class: “The Art of the Great American Poster”

CP: How long have you been coming to/teaching at the Folk School?

JH: I want to say about seven years. Dea Sasso got me here, and she was right. People like the Pattersons, we can only get down here in these hills.

Wood Engraving and Letterpress Printing with Jim Horton5

Folkehøjskole print by Jim Horton and illustrations by Nancy Darrell

CP: What are projects are you working on currently? Where do you draw inspirations from?

JH: I am illustrating and printing a book of traditional folk songs. I love cowboy songs…why? I don’t know. I also love old gospel, though I am not the least bit religious in a doctrinal sense.

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Craft Shop November 13 Event

by June Rollins on November 14, 2014

in Craft Shop

Many thanks to Everyone who made our Nov. 13 monthly event a fun evening for all:

Michael Ismerio shared a variety of fiddle, banjo and guitar music.

Valley River Vineyards and Winery offered many choices for our wine-tasting.

Students and visitors began holiday shopping with their surprise discount coupons.


The Craft Shop Appreciates You.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2015 Craft Shop Monthly Events now being planned.


The Craft Shop Hours:

Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri., Sat. – 8am-5pm
Thu. – 8am-6pm
Sun. – 1-5pm
Phone for pricing and shipping info: 828-837-3899
Or, stop by, we’d love to see you!

Handcrafted Merchandise Arriving Daily
At John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop!

Bottom floor of the Olive Dame Campbell Dining Hall. Campus Map


Sugar in the Gourd

by Cory Marie Podielski on November 7, 2014

in Around Campus, Music & Dance, This Week at the Folk School

Sugar in the Gourd on the Folk School stage earlier this week with Erich fiddling and Bonnie on the banjo! Host Sarah is tapping her toe and considering running upstairs to get her mandolin. You never know when a spontaneous jam will spring up at the Folk School. Catch Erich fiddling for the dance this Saturday night!

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Dust Off Your Petticoats for DTBSQ!

by Cory Marie Podielski on November 6, 2014

in Featured Classes, Music & Dance

Hand over hand and head over heel… the more you dance, the better you feel!

It’s time to take a partner and square up on the dance floor for Dare to Be Square at the Folk School, November 14-16. We have three fabulous callers lined-up: Tom Hinds, Janine Smith and Beth Molaro. Evening Star is playing the music for the weekend. The band includes Folk School favorites Steve Hickman on fiddle, John Devine on guitar, Claudio Buchwald on fiddle/piano and Sam Bartlett on banjo.

Dare to Be Square at the Folk School

Dare to Be Square at the Folk School

Caller Tom Hinds

Caller Tom Hinds

I asked caller Tom Hinds a few questions about calling and dancing in anticipation for this rip-roarin’ fun-filled weekend:

CP: Tell me how you got into dance calling.
TH: I took a three hour calling class. It was enough to get me started and enough to get me into trouble.

CP: Two of your class segments: “Western Hash” & “New, New England Squares” talk about specific locations/regions. How does location and region come into play with square dancing?
TH: The regional flavor of square dancing doesn’t really hold anymore. Fifty years ago you could do western style square dancing in New England. So I’m inclined to talk about Western and New England as styles that aren’t pinned down to a place any longer. It’s just a style that callers and dancers can choose no matter where they live.

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