The new green student housing at the Folk School

At the beginning of this month, a new student house opened its doors. Located next to Bidstrup House, near the trail that leads to Orchard House, the new building is being referred to as the “Field House,” but naming opportunities still exist for its more permanent title.

In addition to featuring beautiful views all around, the building is a “green” one. The new student house rated very well in Energy Star modeling. The HERS rating is close to 50, which means it is expected to use only HALF the energy of a comparable code-compliant, conventionally built house!

We hope our student guests will enjoy all this high tech comfort as well as the simple Folk School style decor and furnishings (many made by local artists!).

Read more about the new building.

Ask our registration staff about this great new house next time you sign up for a class. Reserve your space early – it’s filling up fast!

Sue Fruchey, Marketing Assistant and nature enthusiast
About Sue Fruchey, Marketing Assistant and nature enthusiast