I’ve caught the blacksmithing bug. I’m here writing but would rather have a hammer in my hand, an anvil to my right and a forge to my left. Today has  been the most productive day in the shop. Early on Paul, the resident blacksmith (a job smiths would die for), came in and helped me with my hammer grip. He and Susan, my instructor for the week, both trained with Uri Hoffi, an Israeli smith. Uri not only patented a way of striking, but makes his own hammers. Every now and then he travels to the US, teaches classes, and visits smiths.

Last night while talking to my parents they suggested I make a new coat rack for the basement, so I did. Rather, I should say I have been building it and hope to finish it tonight. My coat rack is based off of Francis Whittaker’s. From what I’ve gleaned, Francis Whittaker was the head smith while the Folk School was being put together. You can see his coat racks in the dining room down the hall where one drops off his plates.  I’ve just finished the hooks and need to brush the scale (the flaky stuff that forms when the steel oxidizes). If I want to finish tonight, I must get back to the shop..