The rocking chairs out on the porch were empty.  Oak leaves covered the ground.  Umbrellas leaned against the wall and rain coats hung on the coat racks.

We may have had to hurry from class to meals, trying to stay dry, but I heard more than once “There is nothing better than listening to the rain.”  And what better place to be, than inside a studio making shaker wood boxes, quilts, jewelry, or square dancing?


Over forty dancers took to the floor while Phil Jamison and Bob Dalsemer called the square dances.  “Left hand turn and you find your partner, pull by going right and left.”  The rhythmic calls, the sounds of shuffling feet on the dance floor, and the old time music chugging along added up to a perfect afternoon.  All in all there was no reason to go outside.


Well, the jack-o-lanterns lining the front door provided a good laugh, but you had to step out in the rain to get a good view.

Pumpkins in front of Keith House

Pumpkins in front of Keith House

Fall Dance weekend is one of the many dance workshops at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  Upcoming workshops include Northwest Morris weekend taught by Annie Fain Liden and Winter Dance Week with David Millstone, Matthew Duveneck, Carl Dreher, J.D. Robinson, Bob Dalsemer, Sue Rosen, Suzannah Park, and Nathan Morrison.  Other classes offer Appalachian Clogging, Border Morris, and French Folk Dancing.

Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor
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