Kaleidoscope class with David Baker

This week is a time of celebration for David Baker’s Kaleidoscope Class.  It all started Sunday night with Valentine’s Day when the students arrived at the studio and the walls were covered in red heart fabric.  Everyone was invited to take a treat from under the white Valentine’s tree covered in Cupid’s feathers decorated with heart-shaped ornaments. 

In a normal celebratory week Monday is Moo-Moo Monday, then Tu-tu Tuesday, Wacko Wednesday, and Tip the Hat Thursday.  But, different plans were in order for Fat Tuesday! The students started by making mardi gras party scopes by putting mardi gras beads inside the end of the kaleidoscopes.  “We celebrate in order to better remember the moment,” David said.  After class, the students dressed up in green and purple robes with masks and beads and paraded through the dining hall to “When the Saints go Marching in.”  It’s all about sharing the laughter.
Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor
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