2010 Aran-Gansey Knitting Class

Well it is the last day and time to review the week’s learning activities, using the notes I distribute at the end of each week. A class picture is required for the blog and my website, so we all went out and squinted in the deliciously bright spring morning.  Check the website for more information.

Certificates are given to those who requested them and my class notes are handed out for later review.  What does this mean?  What do I do when….?  Where do I find …..? The notes triggered many review questions, which were answered or explained. We are all just knitting as fast as we can while the breeze blows through the open studio doors, not wanting the end of the week to come. Right now, the class is chattering about how good the clam chowder was at lunch, and how our projects will continue tonight at the concert. One of the best things about taking a knitting class at the Folk School is that even when the studio closes, you are free to continue working– in the library, or the community room, or even out in the grass!

Here's Rosy Devane and her "dog" Bobo, modeling the cape she knit for him during class this week.

4:23pm: It is done. Our class is over. We have almost all departed, and the last of us are sweeping up. Time to go wow the crowd at the Student Exhibit.

2010 Aran-Knitting Class Student Exhibit
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