Spring is in the air.  The daffodils aren’t just buds anymore.  They are big and vibrant.  It’s time to slow your pace as you walk around campus and see the crocuses pushing the heavy brown oak leaves out of the way.  And yes ~ hyacinths complete the trio.

People who come to the Folk School often say, “One week isn’t long enough.  I just got here and now it’s time to go home.”  Well if you are one of those people then flip through the catalog until you arrive at the Workstudy info and read all about it.

Until then, here is a glimpse of what goes on:  The Workstudy program was designed to give people a chance to live a while at the Folk School.  So for two weeks of work, the workstudies get one free week of class.  The program lasts nine weeks.  They live on campus, enjoy all the benefits of campus life, get to know the kitchen staff as they eat for free in the dining hall, and usually get swept up in the contra dances and jam sessions that are known to take place here.

Heather Bennett : Workstudy Coordinator/Gardener

During the spring season, most of the work to be had consists of weeding, planting, and brightening up the campus.

Nick pruning an apple tree in front of Orchard House

And while the weather is perfect for outside work, after two weeks you go back to class.

Sarah at work in a book binding class

Join us for the next workstudy session.

Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor
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