Last week turned into Fiber Fanatic week on the Folk School Blog.  I followed Charley Orlando’s knitting class around and they didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Let’s pop on over to the Fiber Arts building to the tapestry class taught by Tommye Scanlin.  What did they get into?

Karen Vander Weyden, a work study student at JCCFS, does her second tapestry--one based on the surrounding landscape.

Also in the fiber arts family, tapestry weaving is a means of creating images with yarn.  Remember when you were a kid and your teacher, or parent, or cool adopted adult taught you the concept of “over under over under?”  Well – take that to the next level and you’ll find yourself able to weave wonderful images into the fabric.

Work made by the Tapestry Class at Show-and-Tell

When I asked Tommye about her class, she was very optimistic.  “What a wonderful group of eleven who came together for the tapestry
weaving class, March 28-April 2!  My assistant, Lena Grace Adams and I
were so glad that everyone met and exceeded their expectations for the
experience.  Several had never woven tapestry before and for at least
a couple of those, this was their very first weaving experience of any
kind.  I am scheduled to teach an intermediate tapestry class in
January 2011, and I’m hoping some of these folks will join me then!”

Sounds like they had a great time!

Here's the happy group on the last day... fingers idle for a few minutes while we grabbed Lisa's husband to take the photo!

Take a look at Tommye Scanlin’s blog to get more details about the class:

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