Entrance to Francis Whitaker Shop

Wow, It’s already Wednesday. We have many projects underway for this week. Our original plan was to move all the equipment in to the New Forge Building and start clearing out the Francis Whitaker Shop for renovations, but as it turns out, the building and some of its systems won’t be ready. So, this week the blacksmiths are building and assembling the new forges and hoods, making new tool racks and fixtures, fixing and repairing tools, finishing up the front entry details like the new front door, and the anvil that will decorate the left side to match the right.  We are also forging a hand rail to go on the mezzanine upstairs using about 70 custom pickets that were donated by blacksmiths from all over.

Paul Garrett, Resident Blacksmith
About Paul Garrett, Resident Blacksmith