Morning song at the Folk School is a cherished way of waking up.  We  can slowly get out of bed, walk to the Keith House Community Room, make a cup of coffee or tea, and for thirty minutes before breakfast, blink, yawn, and listen to music.  Depending on who is performing – listeners are invited to sing along, or lean back in their chairs to hear stories.

However, if you don’t make it to morning song (or you don’t know what 6:45-7:15 looks like) there are plenty of opportunities to hear music later in the day.

Monday night, I walked into the Community Room to find David Brose and Martin Sacs singing “The last thing on my mind,” “Farewell, Angelina,” and other great songs.  While the sun was setting , we were singing and enjoying the timelessness of good music – a perfect way to transition into evening.

David Brose and Martin Sacs

Every 2nd Monday night David Brose invites friends to join him for a one hour concert.

Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor
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