Once I get my car unpacked, and go to orientation and welcome supper, the reality of having a whole week at the Folk School finally sets in.

Early morning on campus

Monday morning is the sweetest.  Walking to class with my sketchbook in hand, it’s refreshing to know that I have five full days to work in the studio.  The rain stopped, clouds blanketed the sky, and birds were swooping to and from their nests to the garden.

I am assisting Sheep to Shawl this week with Martha Owen.  We are dying wool with natural dyes – onion skins, madder root, cochineal, indigo and lichen among other things.

Herb garden across from Davidson Hall

As I walked along looking at the landscape, at the colors of early morning washed by the rain, I wondered if we would capture these colors in our dye pots during class; the greens and blues from the grass and sky, yellow and gold in the hay bails and marigolds, dark purples and reds in the flowers. Our inspiration was right there outside the studio door.

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