Tin Can Art. What a blast! Where else can you have fun with whimsical creative folk art?

Sunday night we got started by deconstructing our first tin cans and making ourselves distinctive name tags. See the picture below.

An olive oil can gets a second chance

Our Folk School name tags, adorned with tin

Monday bright and early after a quick review, we got our initial projects started. What were they? Clocks, robots, dolls, boxes, flowers and more. What a great time! We found out that we can be creative and make anything we want, as soon as we learn the necessary cutting and joining techniques. Check back for an update in a couple of days…

A tin doll—one of the first of many creative tin can projects

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of activity.  Tin scraps flying, pop rivets popping, soldering irons and torches doing their work, shears snipping, punches punching, seamers bending, and nibblers nibbling.  The results were spectacular and stole the show on Friday afternoon.  All the student’s goals about learning about tools and construction techniques and strategies were accomplished and everyone pleased with their journey to Tin Can Artdom.  Well done!  Check out some of the beautiful work.  Additional photos will be posted at www.orlandoforge.com

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