The Folk School has had the wonderful opportunity to host the National Basketry Organization’s permanent collection as well as the work of North Carolina basket makers, in our Olive Dame Campbell Dining Hall.  Sponsored in part by the North Carolina Arts Council, the exhibit is a result of the vision and tireless efforts of Michael Davis, president of NBO who also happens to be a Brasstown resident.

But before you start thinking you’ve seen this kind of thing before, you haven’t.  This is not just another basket show.  This is a unique display of all kinds of baskets together- from traditional rivercane of the Cherokee and sweetgrass of the lowlands, to contemporary vessels made of vibrantly colored gourds, pig intestines, delicate hand made paper, pine cone petals, and even 35 milimeter film.  This diverse show represents the work of makers of many ages and backgrounds, from a teenage Cherokee white oak maker to a 93 year old pine needle maker, who lives just up the road in Andrews. 

Don’t miss a chance to visit (or re-visit) this free exhibit, which will end July 23.  Located in the Dining Hall at the Folk School, hours to view the show are 8:00 am- 7:30 pm, daily.

Anna Shearouse
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