At Dance Musicians week it so happens that there are numerous people wandering around with instruments looking to play music.  During the week-long musical “take-over” you can hear music all around campus.  The musicians are put into bands and before long they infiltrate the nightly dances and bump the instructors off stage.  David Kaynor, Susan Songer, Naomi Morse, and Peter Siegel don’t seem to mind, actually I hear that they encourage it.

A band playing on the Keith House stage with Peter looking on

I walked from the Keith House to the Music Studio and low and behold there were more musicians!

Mike Robinson plays the fiddle

I opened the door to a practice room.  Guess what I found?

A band plays in the Music Studio

The bands practice during the week and play for the dances at night.  The dances are free and open to the public.

Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor
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