The Intergenerational Class of 2010

The much awaited first class in the Clay Spencer Shop was a resounding success. Everything worked as advertised, and except for a few minor glitches, the week went smoothly. The class was full, and they gave the place a good shakedown. I was pretty happy to see that all the planning paid off, and that the space is very functional. There will be several weeks or months of fine tuning to optimize the shop, but in the meantime, small things can sometimes take care of themselves.

Take for instance the paper towel holder above the hand washing sink. There was none. So, one of the students, Asa Hewlett, took it upon himself to just hammer one out. He did it in part of a day, and decorated it with a ram’s head detail on top. No easy job.

Asa is fourteen, and has become a regular here for Intergenerational Week, and Little/Middle Folk School as well. He is becoming a very good blacksmith, has a forge of his own at home and is even, I believe, doing work for other people. This week he made a fire place screen and completed it despite taking the time to do the towel holder.

Asa With the Towel Holder

This is the kind of giving that makes the Folk School special, and no gift or donation is too large nor too small. It is what keeps the place going, and getting better year after year.

Paul Garrett, Resident Blacksmith
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