Through a recent program called “Appalachia Rediscovered: A Celebration of People and Place” hosted by the David A. Howe Public Library, many people had the opportunity to learn about the Folk School.  We are grateful to Charley and Betsy Orlando, who gave this presentation in their hometown of Wellsville, New York.  The Orlandos, both long time students and instructors at the Folk School, consider Brasstown a second home, and were eager to spread the word about this unique and creative corner of the world.  With the title of their talk being “Still Singing- The John C. Campbell Folk School”, Charley and Betsy discussed what the School offers and their personal experiences, followed by a viewing of the Emmy-nominated documentary of the School, Sing Behind the Plow. We are so glad to have friends who want to share their love of the Folk School!

"Singing behind the plow" in the early days of the Folk School

Anna Shearouse
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