Gypsy Wagon makes a two week stop in Brasstown

The new year brings many interesting new instructors and classes to the Folk School. Book Arts and Ukulele instructors, Donna and Peter Thomas, from California, might top our “interesting” list. Teaching two classes this Spring, they will be traveling to the Folk School in their Gypsy Wagon.

The Gypsy Wagon Hits the Road

Book and paper artists for many years, the Thomas’ have equipped their traveling studio (“gypsy wagon artists’ bookmobile”) with book making supplies. The idea for the Gypsy Wagon came in the 1970s, when the couple was working at a Renaissance Fair, teaching paper making and book binding. They built a small wagon as their booth. They improved upon this model, taking three years to build the now traveling Gypsy Wagon. The Thomas’ travel the country teaching classes, creating books and prints, and making music.

Bookmaking Supplies Inside the Gypsy Wagon

Sign up for a class! Peter and Donna will be teaching Small-format Artist Books-Structure and Content March 27-April 2.

Peter will be teaching Beginning Ukulele the following week, April 3-8.

The Thomas’ extend an invitation to visit the Gypsy Wagon (which will be parked at the Campground) during their two weeks here.

Donna and Peter Thomas

Photos and information provided by Peter Thomas.

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