Thoughts from Julie Sibley, Little/Middle Instructor

This is the brightest of summer days I dreamed of as a child!  Part of why I love teaching at Little/Middle Folk School is because it puts me back into the land of wonder and delight, when joy was found in new knowledge and interesting new things to make.

Little/Middle Folk School is June 19-25, 2011. “Little” kids are rising 2nd graders to rising 6th graders. “Middle” kids are rising 7th to rising 12th graders. Children absolutely love this week, as their creativity soars and they catch up with old friends, while making new ones.

Learning who we are and what skills we have to contribute has long been the motivation for Appalachian crafts.  All of us take pride in a job well done, especially with newly acquired skills.
As teachers, we’re not necessarily trying to teach anyone how to be an artist.  What we are teaching is thinking skills. Among them: evaluating choices, understanding complex relationships and differences between texture, size and location in space. This kind of knowledge is invaluable- as in crafting a joyful and productive life, and also navigating the future in a world that technology is rapidly advancing.

Applications are now available for Little/Middle Folk School!

I will be teaching a surface design class for the “little” kids where we get to dye fabric, draw and use ink, glitter and tempera to design our own papers and fabrics. Other wonderful classes for little kids include Native American Skills, cartooning, corn shuck dolls, and clay.
For the “middles” we have lots of great choices like a 3-D collage class that will create a wooden mural. Kids will get to learn how to safely use power tools and dremels, try blacksmithing, cook world foods, or make Recycle Art.

A new class for middle agers is a canoe building class where two kids or one adult and one child make a boat together. The finished canoe is ready to go to the lake and is light enough for one person to carry.  Now that’s what I call, “Amaze Yourself With What You Can Do!!”

As always, the Brasstown Fire Department will be on campus Wednesday afternoon to spray the kids!  Another highlight we all look forward to is entertainment by Steve Hicks and John Divine- providing the lead in and tune up for dance music every night!

In an atmosphere of welcoming acceptance, we craft with our minds, hearts and hands. See you this summer for a week of innovative and fun-filled adventure for the teachers…and as far as we can tell, a lot of it has rubbed off on the children!!

Click here to download a Little/Middle Application.

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