June 2011

Dear Friends,

Not long ago, were almost no road signs around here.  If you didn’t know how to get somewhere, you probably didn’t have any business going there.  If you didn’t know where you were, well bless your heart, the best thing would be to go back the way you came.  But if you asked somebody in Murphy how to get to the Folk School, they would tell you a lot about the winding road up the Hiwassee River, and end with, “When you see the big green fields, you’re thar.”  Today, thar, the clouds are as cumulus as I’ve ever seen them, stacked high in a sky of primary blue.   The green field is dotted here and there with easels and their painters, a photographer is shooting their picture, a phoebe on a perch and a poet on a porch are finding their songs, pickers pluck berries that bakers pile into pastry and new fiddlers play old tunes and hope for pie.

If you think I’m making this up, you haven’t been to the Folk School lately.

Inside, there were woodturners, carvers, book artists, tinsmiths, enamellists, knitters, potters, felters, papermakers, jewelers and lots of people whose activities defy labels.

No matter what your interests, here at the Folk School, we are connected to the soil, water, trees, plants, and animals.  A lot of us turn natural materials into baskets, bowls, brooms and jelly.  Oak leaves, possums, vines and dogwood blossoms turn up in clay, fiber, wood and metal. We are in tune with the seasons: morel, poke, ramp, blackberry and baseball bat zucchini.

All year round, we are here, keeping the Folk School together, teaching hundreds of students, making the campus safer, better equipped and more efficient. I hope you will make a generous contribution to the Folk School Annual Fund to help keep your school in good shape, operating well, and prepared for you.

Your contribution to the Annual Fund will also help more kids, young adults, teachers and work/studies to attend the school.  It helps to support all the staff; it helps us to get the word out, so that more people will know about the Folk School, and new people will always be joining our community.

It supports everything you like at the Folk School, and many things you may not have considered:  Easter egg hunts, after-school music, garden seeds, water-mains, electricity and hummingbird food, and everything else that keeps it all going for you until you get back thar.

Love From Brasstown,



Jan Davidson
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