August 2011

Dear Friends,

If there were a shared trait of Folkschoolers, I think it would be that they are dedicated to making things better, not only baskets and pots, but the situation, the world, themselves- and the Folk School, for sure.

At a time when many great organizations have faltered, you have helped keep your Folk School strong- with new buildings, increased comfort on houses and safety in studios, expanded outreach to Brasstown and “off,” which is anywhere else.

With your loyal help, we’re riding out economic difficulties in good shape, and making progress for the future. You are helping us through a rough patch, just as the school helps people through challenging spots in their storylines. JCCFS is a great place to celebrate the joys and triumphs of life, but it also serves to help in aftermaths, transitions, growing up and growing older. The Folk School brings to bear the challenge of good work, the distraction of intense focus, the satisfaction of accomplishment, and the solace of good company.

There are always young folks around, at the concerts and the community dances, but they take over for “Little/Middle” Week and Intergenerational Week, with teen/elder partnerships. When the 350 kids finished their week of Little/Middle, we asked them on a questionnaire, “What did you like about the Folk School?”

One youngun’s answer is also why I now ask for your donation:

“The extreme awesomeness of everything.”

We hope that you will help us reach our annual loyalty fund goal. This fund helps strengthen our programming, purchase new equipment, and beautify our campus- but most importantly it contributes directly to the “awesomeness.”

With love from Brasstown,


Jan Davidson
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