I know that to most of us the phrase “sitting in meeting” holds a slightly negative context. I am sure that this brings thoughts of long drawn-out conferences with tons of charts and graphs written on colored paper. But, here at the Folk School meetings never seem to follow that precedent. For example, yesterday I was fortunate enough to be “sitting in a meeting” about the upcoming Harvest Feast. I found myself hungry even though it was only ten minutes past lunch. Talk swirled around smoked trout, pork shoulders braised with Seven Sisters Ale, Raspberry Mousse and Chocolate Shortbreads. I was craving tasty smoked trout served with wood fired breads dipped in delectable, local butter. I don’t know if I can wait until the 22nd for all of these wonderful treats. The Harvest Feast is going to be an awesome culinary event— bringing together ten of our talented cooking instructors to create a magnificent, five- course feast from local, seasonal foods.

I hope you will join chefs Patryk Battle, Randy Harris, Paul Roche, Steve Cipriano, Barbara Swell, Jerri Fifer, Carla Owen, Nanette Davidson, Linda Allen and Francis Juhlin for the Culinary Collaboration: Harvest Feast on October 22, 2011 at 6:oo p.m. There are still reservations available. Please click here to purchase tickets and see a full menu.

Come join us for this wonderful event in our Culinary Collaboration Series.

Reed Caldwell
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