Over 60 square dance enthusiasts came from all over the country (and internationally!) to participate in last weekend’s “Dare to Be Square” dance workshop. Dancers came as far as California, Texas, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and New York.

Why all the fuss?

This weekend made square dance history, as five of the nation’s top callers came together to teach and demonstrate five different regional styles of square dance. It’s all part of a project conceived by David Millstone (incoming president of CDSS), and will result in a website about the history of square dancing (www.squaredancehistory.org). Thanks to funding from Country Dance and Song Society, callers Larry Edelman, Bill Litchman, Jim Mayo, and Tony Parkes, and Phil Jamison were brought in as instructors, as well as our own caller extraordinaire, Bob Dalsemer. The instructors covered different styles of square dance from traditional western squares, New England squares, Appalachian squares, and modern western squares.

The musicians were of course, top notch, and were selected based on their versatility and ability to play for all styles. Musicians included Sam Bartlett, Claudio Buchwald, Steve Hickman, and Jim Morrison. The whole weekend was professionally recorded and will be included in the website project’s video archive.

See more photos of the weekend on Flickr.

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