Last week we ended 2011 with the celebration of music and dance in Winter Dance Week. Participants learned a variety of dances like Scandinavian, English Country, Morris, Rapper Sword, contra and square dances- with breaks for group singing and jamming. The week culminated in the annual New Year’s Eve bash, where some of the classes got to perform what they’ve learned in just a week.

The Rapper Sword class practices impossible looking figures in their sets.

We look forward to students returning this weekend for the first classes of 2012! Students will jump right in for a weekend immersion in painting, felting, dyeing, blacksmithing, fiddle playing, woodcarving, and more. Our new catalog, which covers all of 2012, will be mailing mid-January. Registration for these additional classes will  be open January 17. Come be creative with us in 2012!

Our 2012 catalog will reach your mailbox by mid-January. The cover features work by photography instructor, Don McGowan, "Sunrise Over the Meadow- Orchard House."