We rock and ROLLED all week in Linda Veilleux’s Seamless, Nuno-felted Jacket class. Laying out wool for an entire long sleeved seamless coat that includes 45% shrinkage is no simple task, even for a short person like me. But thanks to our talented and patient teacher, we all are going home with finished coats – that FIT. She made the calculations easy with her computer program for the math impaired, and failed to notice our figure faults when taking our measurements. We shingled out pounds of wool onto multiple yards of silk then applied the magic ingredients, hot water, soap and elbow grease, lots of elbow grease.

Learn for yourself how much fun Nuno-felting is! Geri Forkner will be teaching What’s New with Nuno: New Directions in Felting, April 29- May 5.

Enjoy photos of the process of this week’s class in Nuno-felting:

Laying out the full sized pattern

Laying out silk fabric



Modeling the finished jacket

This gives you an idea of the shrinkage!


Geri Forkner
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