Nuno Felting is fun!

The week of April 29th, the wet room was filled with the creative energy of felting students eager to experiment and take their artistic expression to the next level. We all had a blast and my students created beautiful felted pieces by the end of the week.

Dyeing a Leaf Motif

First, my talented students dyed their silk cloth to use for felting during the rest of the week. The addition of more colors with wool and the differential shrinkage between the wool and silk will amaze everyone who sees their finished pieces.

Fun with Dyeing

By mid week our class was really into the process of designing, working large, and throwing things down. It’s all part of the process of getting those wool fibers to attach to the cloth. This style of felting, Nuno felting, is a wet-felting method that allows the artist to laminate wool fiber to a variety of silk and cotton cloths. It is a great technique for making scarves, pillows, pocketbooks, and garments.

Working on a large scale project

Laying the Felt Down

Throwing the Felt Down

The final results were worth all the work. Everyone left with smiling faces
and heads swimming with new project ideas.

Final Projects at Show and Tell

Our Class Photo

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