Sneaking a peek at the auction pieces for the June Gala Auction & Benefit, one can see whimsy and wonder is in the air!

Auction Item: Large Stoneware Face Jug Vessel by Rob Withrow

Anyone who has visited the Folk School surely senses the light-hearted spirit in the atmosphere and the people. To start the week out right, Jan’s Morningsong sets the mood with witty stories, silly jokes, and merry songs (I’m as free a little bird as I can be…) The week/weekend ends with the Show & Tell Exhibition, a celebration where creativity and imagination manifest in all the wonderful class creations.

Copper Dragonfly Dragon Lady by Katrina Miller

Auction Item: Copper Dragonfly Dragon Lady by Katrina Miller

Jest and joy abound at the Folk School, so it is no surprise that this same feeling of magic is reflected in the handcrafted creations of both the students and the teachers. Many of the donations to the Annual June Gala Auction & Benefit are made by instructors, Resident artists, and local artists and this same feeling translates into the work.

Auction Item: Hand Carved Whimsical Cottage in Cottonwood Bark by Tom Gow

Auction Item: Woven Gourd with Frog Motif by Marianne Barnes

The Annual June Gala Auction & Benefit is not only an essential fundraiser for the school’s sixteen on-campus studios, but it is also an amazing exhibit of the work of Folk School Instructors and Resident Artists – a vertiable masterworks Show & Tell! (And the best part is that you get to bid for the items! Shopping – yay!)

Auction Item: Don Russell's Class Train

Come join us for merriment and more whimsy at the June Gala & Benefit Auction on June 9, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. at the Keith House.

Browse a complete list of artists who have donated. We are still accepting donations. If you are able to donate a piece, please contact Reed Caldwell.

Tickets are $20 in advance
or $25 on the day of the event.
Purchase your advance tickets.

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