Last week’s student exhibit was filled with awesome colors, textures, smells, and tastes!
Check out more of the amazing things that students created on our Facebook and Flickr Albums.

Nanette Davidson’s Jamming It: Homemade Jams class displayed an wide array of tarts, biscuits and even truffles- all of which visitors were encouraged to try! Needless to say people were jam-packed around her table.


Rosemarie Kelischek taught Small Projects– Big Success created quilted pillow cases, table runners and more! The work was filled with color and dramatic design.


Soapmaking Skills for Fun & Profit, taught by R. G. “Tim” Tyndall included a selection of both beautiful and fragrant soaps.


Stools, Stools, Stools, a class taught by Wayne Naylor, offered a wide variety of stools, both tall and short, with and without hand woven seats.



Caned and Woven Chair Seats was taught by Richard Hall. Students chose a favorite chair to repair for the class.


Liz Domingue taught Southern Appalachian Natural History, where students traipsed over rocky terrain for miles every day, learning about flora and fauna of Southern Appalachia.


Marie Roth taught “Tatting, a Treasure” the art of lace-making with tiny threads and intricate patterns.


The Well-Rounded Turner: Woodturning Basics with Kimberly Winkle produced a wide variety of crafts that were both colorful and surprising in their technique including stools, candle sticks, pens, and salt and pepper shakers.


Blacksmithing, “Fundamentals for Beginners” produced some amazing and intricate work with their instructor, David Tucciarone. Here is one of his proud students showing off the work. Among other projects, the beginning blacksmith students created fireplace tools, hooks, and wall racks.


Jewelry, “In a Metal Mood” taught by Susan Jones, featured basic silversmithing samples such as bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings.


Sigrid Hice’s Bookmaking class, Paste Papers to Artist Books, provided a colorful display of hand made books for the student exhibit.


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