Lynday demonstrates how to make a glass bead.

Oh how I love Glass! Glass has infinite ways it can be used from art to industry. An abundance of methods to manipulate glass from cold to hot gives the artist plenty of variety when making pieces from flat to 3-dimensional. And for me, the play of light in and through the colors of glass is wordless ecstasy! I am always so happy to share my passion for working with glass especially with students at the Folk School.

The non-competitive atmosphere at the Folk School leaves space for exploration. I love to hear the excitement and sheer delight of students melting a glass rod for the first time in the flame of a torch. I never tire of hearing, “Wow! Amazing! Look at how it moves! Oh, I love it’s color!”

The glass takes shape.

Students learn glass is an amazing material that they can heat up, move, bend, and cut to create their own personalized beads, pendants, or you-name-it!

I enjoying watching new glass enthusiasts emerge from a class, excited about the dance they have discovered involving light, air, color and fire, all with glass.

Glass Class

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