David Goldhagen makes a “splash bowl”

On Tuesday afternoon, Folk School students piled into a caravan of vehicles and drove down the road to Hayesville. There they visited David Goldhagen, a local artist who creates incredible sculptures and vessels in his glass blowing studio. Apart from the art and David himself, David’s studio features several impressive features.

The crucible!

The first thing I noticed was the crucible. It’s a very industrial looking machine that looks like it would feel right at home in the hull of a space ship. It has a lid which opens with the press of a button to reveal a vat of molten glass. David has several contraptions of this nature, including two furnaces, one of which has a 30 inch glory hole that enables him to work on larger sculptures.

While we were visiting, David showed us how to make a “splash bowl” which is a sculptural vessel. See photos of the demonstration and his work below, and keep a look out for the video– coming soon.

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Check out David’s Demonstration Here: