Pottery Demonstration at Fall Festival

Pottery Demonstration at Fall Festival

Hello from the Folk School!

I’d like to say a special thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time and talents this weekend including the demonstrators, music and dance groups, volunteers at the gates, all the staff, resident artists, work studies, hosts, great food, marketing, decorating crews, newspapers, radio stations, chambers, sheriffs, state patrolmen, gate volunteers, the rescue squad and everyone who helped in every way to make this a wonderful success.

The John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival was the highlight of the weekend. There were over 250 Fall Festival booths this year that represented a wide array of the finest crafts and food in the region. Most sales hit record highs and many vendors mentioned they almost sold out of inventory on Saturday.

Demonstrations in Woodturning, Blacksmithing, Jewelry, Clay, Book Arts, Marbling, Printmaking, Woodcarving, Basketry, Quilting, Spinning, Weaving, Rugs, Music, Tinsmithing, Broom Making and Chair Seats were a big hit and awed a crowd of over 17,000 people. Guests came from over 15 states in addition to Canada and Nova Scotia. We saw 42 music and dance groups who performed back-to-back performances each day of the festival.

If you loved Fall Festival, then you’ll love all of the other great things that happen at the Folk School. John C. Campbell Folk School features workshops, classes and demonstrations almost every week. If you are interested in challenging yourself in learning how to make things, check out our web site www.folkschool.org or come by for a visit. At the school you can make a fun-filled day trip, visit our Craft Shop, hike the River Cane Art trail, visit the Folk School’s History Center, attend a dance or catch a concert.

See how exciting it is to enrich your life through learning and to share your excitement with other artists and crafts people. We have classes where you can learn to make anything from chocolate treats (my personal favorite) to a wrought iron gate. Don’t forget– locals can save 50% when they take a class.

Many thanks to all of you who came to the Festival– you’ve supported our economy including non-profits, local businesses and artists. If you didn’t come this year we hope to see you soon! Look out for our next festival coming up in October 2013.

Marianne Hatchett
Business Manager
John C. Campbell Folk School

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