Paper Doll Portraits with Misty Taylor & Lauren Kelischek          November 16-18, 2012


In the week before Thanksgiving, I find myself reflecting on how happy I am that my life has taken me to Brasstown and the Folk School.

As some of you know, I have recently started work with the marketing department at the Folk School with Keather, Steve and Cory Marie, which I am really enjoying. My weeks are filled with a variety of exploits in marketing– from making flags for the ticket booths at Fall Festival to creating videos and slideshows that document life here at the Folk School– my job provides more creative opportunities than I ever imagined! The best part is that I’ve become part of the community here.

My latest adventure occurred when Misty Taylor, a local artist and Folk School instructor, asked me to assist her in teaching Paper Doll Portraits this past weekend.  I was delighted! Our mission in class was to create  portraits of the people we love using paint, magazines, dress patterns, photos, tissue paper, beads, glitter, buttons, old books, and other found objects.  I was so impressed with the variety of awesome skills that each person brought with them to the class and how unique each painting was. The Paper Doll Portraits class was filled with nine charming, enthusiastic and imaginative women. I enjoyed working with each of them.

Honestly, I haven’t done much art since I finished graduate school in May-  I was burnt out and disenchanted by the world of fine art and had forgotten what it was like to get in the studio and play. But being at the Folk School has really revived my creative spirit and inspired me to make art again.

Having never taken a class at the Folk School before I was thrilled  to find that Misty and our students came together to provide a lively and supportive studio environment that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  I’d heard about how awesome the students as the Folk School are and how they make it what it is. But it’s only now that I really see what everyone means by that. With the help of the folk school and the surrounding community of giving and welcoming people, I feel like I’m finally home and I am grateful.


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