Kyla by the path near Open House

Kyla by the path near Open House

Where are you from?
KA: Western Mass. – the Berkshires. It’s farming country.

What do you do there?
KA: I farm with my boyfriend. We have an organic vegetable farm. Among other veggies, we have 10 garlic varieties. Right now we have 1/10 acre of garlic, our goal is to plant an acre. We live in a 314 sq. ft. round straw bale house – round like a yurt.

How did you hear about the Folk School?
KA: I worked at a farm with Bradley, a former Work/Study. He showed me the catalog and I was hooked!

Do you have a class focus planned for your host term?
KA: Fiber Arts – I fell in love with spinning when I took a weekend class with Martha Owen when I was a Work/Study last year – it changed my world. I also want to learn more about natural dye.

What are your “silver bullets*?”
From Sheep to Shawl with Martha Owen
Fair Isle Knitting: Starting with Color with Martha Owen
Handmade Felt Shoes & Boots with Peggy Patrick and Kay Patterson
(*A “silver bullet” is a class that the host picks that they will get into without the risk of being pushed out because of a full class. Each host gets to pick 3 silver bullets –  the other classes they take are based on availability)

Garlic Girl

Garlic Girl

What’s your favorite place at the Folk School?
KA: The trails behind Mill House and the Rivercane Walk. I also loved my bed by the window on the 3rd floor of Keith House when I was a Work/Study.

Favorite Dining Hall food?

What’s your favorite thing you’ve made at the Folk School?
KA: A wooden spoon I made in a weekend carving class.

Do you like to dance?
KA: I love to dance! And I love to dance at the Folk School more than anywhere else.

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