As a Folk School blogger, one of the most requested pieces of information I receive from locals is: “Why don’t you introduce the Hosts and Work/Studies!?” Well, as a former Work/Study and Host, I think it’s a GREAT idea! So without further adieu… Let’s get to know a little bit about our current junior host, Lynn Ann!

Lynn Ann outside the History Center

Lynn Ann outside the History Center

Cory Marie: Where are you from?
Lynn Ann: Wisconsin

Cory Marie: What do you do there?
Lynn Ann: I like to kayak and have fun!

Cory Marie: How did you hear about the Folk School?
Lynn Ann: My mom and dad recommended it, which made it immediately seem uncool. It took 4 years for me to get here after they suggested it and when I walked in the door it felt like I had either been here before or that I belonged here.

Cory Marie: Do you have a class focus planned for your host term?
Lynn Ann: I am pushing myself to get out of my box.
I am definitely interested in Woodworking and Woodturning.

Cory Marie: What are your “silver bullets?”
Lynn Ann:
Morris-style Chair with Steve Tengelsen
Felted Shoe Making with Peggy Patrick and Kay Patterson
Build a Short-scale Mountain Dulcimer with Jack Smoot

Cory Marie: What’s your favorite place at the Folk School?
Lynn Ann: The bridge behind Mill House

Cory Marie: Favorite Dining Hall food?
Lynn Ann: Chocolate Desserts

Cory Marie: What’s your favorite thing you’ve made at the Folk School?
Lynn Ann: A tiny silver kaleidoscope created in Sculptural Kaleidoscopes with Scott Cole and Sheryl Koch during Advanced Weeks.

Cory Marie: If you spent the rest of your life at the Folk School, what house would you stay in and why?
Lynn Ann: The Cottage – it has a good view, it feels like it is part of the mountains, it has a great front porch and a fireplace in the kitchen.

Cory Marie: If you were on a desert island what tool would you bring? What craft would you bring?
Lynn Ann: Fork/Watercolor paints

Cory Marie: Favorite Class so far?
Lynn Ann: When I first came here I wanted to prove my parents wrong, so I picked a spinning class, which I already knew how to do. It was with Carla Owen. She spewed jaw dropping wisdom about both spinning and life all week. It was a great class!

Cory Marie: I hear you have a great email address that is inspired by the Folk School. What is it?
Lynn Ann: “773milestobrasstown” at
That’s the distance between my home in WI to Brasstown. What can I say? Brasstown is my happy place!


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