Everybody knows, that for the future, The Folk School must have an Endowment.

We know the good the Folk School does. We want it to continue for generations to come. We want it to be strong enough to ride out downturns and emerge true and intact. We want the School to be available to folks, so we want to be sure there are scholarships.

I am delighted to report that we’ve just taken some important steps in that direction.  We have planted the John C Campbell Folk School Endowment and seeded it with fund we’ve been saving up for the purpose.  We got a generous matching grant from the Windgate Foundation to water it.

Now it’s time to let the sunshine (donations from you and me) in.  Right now, your donations to the Endowment are matched 4 to 1.

Gifts to funds like the John Neil Davidson Scholarship, the David Rakoff Scholarship or to the general scholarship fund will have four times the effect.  The sunshine you let in now will help the Endowment sprout and grow strong.

The fertilizer? I’m hoping it is this note right here.

Love from Brasstown,
Jan Davidson, Folk School Director

Click here to make a donation to the Capital Campaign, and your donation will be matched 4 to 1, thanks to a generous grant from the Windgate Foundation.

Jan Davidson
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