The greening landscape and blooming flowers are increasingly brightening our campus. Come enjoy the spring sunshine and fresh mountain air during a springtime Folk School class. Be inspired by spring flowers in Illustrating Spring Blooms (Apr. 28-May 3) with Redenta Soprano. Embrace the Appalachian Spring in Watercolor with Annie Pais (May 19-25).

Join biologist Joel Zachry to study the natural treasures of the Southern Appalachians in Nature’s Treasures – Landscapes, Plants and Animals (Apr. 21-27). Experience the ecology and natural history of our flora and fauna as you Hike the Southern Appalachians with naturalist Liz Domingue (May 12-18).

Create Artful Birdhouses and Bird Feeders for your garden in James Green’s weekend Woodworking class (May 3-5). Enhance the Folk School grounds in Charles Judd’s Timber Framing class (May 19-25). Weave a Bulrush Hat, and shade yourself from the garden sun, in Jan Stansell’s Weekend class (Apr. 12-14).

Folk School Garden

Tim Ryan demystifies the art of Bonsai.

Speaking of the garden, get down and dirty in the Folk School garden this spring and summer. Learn the secrets of growing abundant plants and vegetables, explore the principles of good garden design, or specialize in a subject like Bonsai or Mushroom Growing. Grow your garden…and watch yourself bloom here at the Folk School.

Folk School Garden

Frances Juhlin teaches about heirloom vegetables in the Folk School Garden.

Upcoming Gardening and Homesteading Offerings:

Bonsai Demystified – Tim Ryan (Apr 28-May 3)
Beyond Seeds-Backyard Propagation – Helen Redding (May 3-5 Weekend)
Heirloom Vegetables – Frances Juhlin (May 12-18)
Sustainability in Your Backyard – Jennifer Cordier (May 26-31)
Growing Your Own Mushrooms – Ken Zinkand (May 31-June 2 Weekend)
Urban Gardening: Growing Food in All Types of Spaces – Heather Funderburk (May 31-June 2 Weekend)
Herbs for Health and Happiness – Cathy Merckens (June 2-8)
Made in the Shade – Tim Ryan (July 5-7 Weekend)
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