Amy Allen hiding in the flowers.

Amy Allen hiding in the flowers.

Where are you from?
Greensboro, NC

What do you do there?
I just graduated from Chapel Hill where I majored in American Studies. I was working in a bookstore before I came to be host.

How did you hear about the Folk School?
At UNC I minored in Folklore and a classmate/friend told me about it. I came here in the summer of 2011 to do the Work/Study Program and now I am thrilled to return as host.

What is a favorite memory as a Work/Study?
Harvesting garlic – I loved braiding the garlic.

What are your “silver bullets?”

Shoe Making – Leather Sandals
with Chuck and Peggy Patrick
Toothbrush Rugs and More! with R. J. Hadle
White Coopering
with Will Hines

What’s your favorite place at the Folk School?
The herb garden – I love the smells and the gazebo.

Amy wears the Bulrush hat she made in Jan Stansell's hat making class on Apr 12-14

Amy wears the Bulrush hat she made in Jan Stansell’s hat making class on Apr 12-14

If you were a Contra dance move, what Contra dance move would you be?
Balance the Wave. I love the balance and the goofiness of the wave.

I heard that your Work/Study nickname was “Peanut Butter Pie.” What’s that about?Amy: I love the peanut butter pie dessert in the Dining Hall. One dinner when it was served I said “I love peanut butter pie” in a low  Mr. T voice, so it just stuck after that.

What’s your favorite season?
Amy: Fall – I love the smells, the leaves… I love back to school shopping! I will always go to buy composition notebooks and No. 2 pencils every September regardless of whether I am in school or not.

What do you like most about being host so far?
Amy: 2 reasons: I get to learn things and I get to help people – two of my favorite things!

Cory Marie Podielski
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Cory Marie Podielski is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and writer for the John C. Campbell Folk School. She has been writing for the Folk School Blog since 2012 and enjoys interviewing artists, musicians, and craftspeople. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the banjo, dancing, printmaking, playing in clay, and assisting in Folk School bread baking classes.