Peachtree Career Day

Martha Owen and David Liden were invited once again to visit Peachtree Elementary for their annual career day. They decided to invite their daughter Annie Fain Liden-Barralon to come with them because she does, in fact, have a career involving music and dance! “What a hoot,” said David, “she really does have a career in this kind of thing.” David and Martha are accustomed to singing for their supper (or in the case of Peachtree Elementary for a bag of goodies including peanut butter crackers and an apple.) Martha asked the kids, who ranged in age from 4-9 years old, do you know what an occupation is? How about an a vocation? Some kids knew that a career was a job you got paid for but no one had heard of an a vocation before…”Something you do all the time, if you can, because it is lots of fun, but maybe you don’t ever get paid to do it. Who likes to have fun?” Well, everyone of course. After Martha told a story and David played Fooba Wooba John accompanied by his jaw harp, Annie Fain had the kids up and dancing with their favorite clogging steps.


The trio was joined by Annie Fain’s son Jules Owen Luc Barralon who enjoyed the first song the most, “I had a little rooster by the barnyard gate…” from his seat in his carrier on Annie Fain’s back. Jules is now 1 year old and likes animal sounds very much. Annie Fain has stepped into the big-dance-shoes-to-fill of Bob Dalsemer, who carefully created and promoted the dance and music program at the J. C. Campbell Folk School for over 20 years. You can now find Annie Fain and her husband (a fellow musician) Géraud at the school hosting the Tuesday night dance contra and square dances from 7-8pm (free), Friday night concerts (free) and twice monthly Saturday night dances 8-11pm, $7. (We need to help and pay the band and callers! Some people try to make music their career after all. )

See for more information about the year-round dances, the Friday night concert series and the wonderful craft class program.

Martha Owen and David Liden

Martha Owen and David Liden

Martha Owen, Resident Artist
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