Lillian Alberti with dolls

Lillian Alberti with dolls

Have you ever wondered what an Art Doll is? Well we’ve got a great doll-making program here at John C. Campbell Folk School. One of our fabulous doll-making instructors, Lillian Alberti, just finished up another great visit to the Folk School where she taught “The Art Doll: From Concept to Completion” last week. She wrote about it in her blog “Cottagehill.” Read it here.

Lillian's Class. Photo by Lillian Alberti.

Lillian’s Class. Photo by Lillian Alberti.


Want to take a doll-making course?
See more of our upcoming doll-making courses here at John C. Campbell Folk School…

Lorraine Cathey
Miniature Mohair Teddy Bear
Friday, Aug 23 – Sunday, Aug 25, 2013
Making a miniature mohair teddy bear is easier than you think. If you have basic hand-sewing skills, you can do it! Working from a pattern, customize the little fellow with your choice of fur, eyes, and accessories. Learn skills such as inserting joints, proper stuffing, and stitching a nose. Complete one, possibly two, adorable bears and depart with information to continue. Good eyesight/magnification and manual dexterity are recommended.

Charlie Patricolo
The Elf of My Imagination!
Sunday, Dec 8 – Saturday, Dec 14, 2013
Make an elf starting with a head pattern and knit fabric, which allows for great expression and variation – you determine the features! As your elf begins to materialize, receive guidance in creating body parts to go with his or her personality. Give yourself the gift of play, making a doll you imagine, and learn techniques to expand your doll-making options. All levels welcome; only basic sewing-machine skills are needed (ability to sew a line, even if it’s not straight).

Mickey Hutchinson
Damsels, Dames, and Divas
Sunday, Feb 9 – Saturday, Feb 15, 2014
Let your imagination run wild in this cloth dollmaking class. Learn to design a head, create expression by needle-sculpting, and then create a body to go with the head. Using fabrics from your stash, costume her to suit HER mood. Make her demure, distressed, or dazzling – your choice! If you have basic sewing experience by hand and machine, join us. No dollmaking experience is required.

Sharon Costello
Wild & Whimsical Wool Figures: Needle Felting
Sunday, Mar 9 – Saturday, Mar 15, 2014
Fairy, farmer, Father Christmas, or femme fatale? Use a special barbed “felting” needle to create an original, fanciful, soft-sculpted figure like these from carded wool fiber. No sewing or patterns needed! Special emphasis will be placed on creating lifelike faces. Dress your figure using needle-felting or traditional wet-felting methods. Also learn techniques for sculpting real and imaginary animals. Complete about two figures in class, with no experience necessary.

Rebecca Kempson
Do Your Own “Wild Thing!”
Sunday, May 4 – Saturday, May 10, 2014
For decades, children and parents have loved Maurice Sendak’s book, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Come and make your own Wild Thing, complete with horns and fangs! Learn to sculpt a head out of clay and make articulated hands. Attach them to a simple body, which you will costume with new or recycled fabrics, and use your imagination to embellish and personalize. You do not have to be a dollmaker to join us, but a wild imagination and sense of humor are a MUST, as are strong machine and hand-sewing skills.

Charlie Patricolo
Cloth Dolls – Imagine It, Design It, Create It!
Sunday, June 8 – Saturday, June 14, 2014
Create a cloth doll with a unique personality. With guidance, start by creating a pattern for the head. As your character takes shape, design a body to fit your new doll’s personality. It could be a human character or a fantasy figure, like a fairy or elf. The result is a one-of-a-kind doll made by you! Basic sewing skills are the only requirement (ability to sew a line, even if it’s not straight).


From Charlie Patricolo’s class, “The Elf of My Imagination”



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