Making Woodworking and Blacksmithing Tools with David Smucker

Almost every Folk School class utilizes valuable craft-making tools – tools that help us to get the job done. The Folk School offers several tool-making classes to help you expand your own personal toolbox.

Do you love fly fishing or archery? Imagine telling your buddy on your next fishing/hunting trip, “I made this rod!” or “I made this longbow!” Here at the Folk School, we still make things, and tools are no exception.

Check out the following cool tools classes coming up at the Folk School:

Aug. 23-25: A Weekend of Pens (Weekend) • Kurt Hertzog
Aug. 23-25: Build a Gas Forge (Weekend) • Bob Alexander
Sept. 8-13: Bamboo Fly Rod Making (Sun-Fri) • Doug Hall


Bamboo Fly Rod Making with Doug Hall

Oct. 6-12: Making Woodworking and Blacksmithing Tools • David Smucker
Oct. 13-19: Mastering Power Tools in the Workshop • Al Trevillyan & Jim Stafford
Feb. 7-9: Drawing for Your Craft (Weekend) • Annie Cicale
Mar. 16-21: Making Woodworking Tools (Sun-Fri) • Chuck Patrick & John Kraus
Mar. 30-Apr 5: Traditional Joiner’s Chest • Bill Anderson

1105002 Bill Anderson 040

Traditional Joiner’s Chest with Bill Anderson

May 18-24: Drawing Techniques and Tools • Pebbie Mott
May 18-24: Longbow Building • Tom Turgeon & Dawn Kelly


Longbow Building with Dawn Kelly and Tom Turgeon

June 8-14: Tools of the Trade of Professional Fiction • Wendy Webb
June 1-7: Making Traditional Molding Planes • Bill Anderson & Peter Ross

100807 Bill Anderson 41a

A traditional molding plane. Photo by Alex Himwich.