The fall and winter represent a retreat to home and hearth: a time for congregation, household, and feast. For centuries, the hearth was essential to the home for warmth and food preparation – a center to gather around… the place to be.


Merriam Webster defines hearth as 1.) a fireplace and the area surrounding, 2.) home, 3.) a vital or creative center. All three of these definitions ring true to the Folk School. We tend fires in ovens, forges, torches and kilns. We make things for our home and for our loved ones homes: small offerings of love, devotion, time and skill. These handcrafted items are special reminders that we too can create functional and beautiful things to help us in life and at home.

an-open-hearth-with-a-fire.jpg!BlogThe Folk School is an inferno of creativity. As students, we all glow and spark with creativity. We are each our own hearths tending the fires of our creative spirits. Come to the Folk School as the nights get longer to tend your own fire, whether it be in a forge or in your heart. Enjoy our class choices that embrace a return to home and hearth.


Create functional and beautiful wooden vessels to hold your soups and stews with Marty Libman in Log to Bowl (Jan 12-17). Take stock for the winter and gather eggs, herbs, potatoes and more with strong and stylish traditional Appalachian baskets in Rib Baskets taught by Pattie Bagley (Feb 16-22). Make bowls for your steaming stews and mugs for your hot cider as you learn to wield the potter’s wheel in Wonderful Wheel Throwing with Emily Reason (Jan 5-11).



01_17_10_CO_Battle_2330_CLASSRoast, bake, braise, toast, grill, stew, and create feasts all will salivate over and savor. Work with a wood-fired brick oven, share ways to make your home oven bake like one, and discuss how to build a cob oven all while learn the secrets of Artisan Bread Baking with Patryk Battle (Jan 5-11). Learn to make fresh sausage, salami, Mortadella and more in Charcuterie—Crafting Artisan Sausages and Salami with Mark Rosenstein (Jan 12-17). Spend a winter’s week learning the art and science of the wood-fired oven with Nanette Davidson in Cooking with Fire—Baking, Braising, and Roasting (Jan 26-Feb 1).

Sit Down by the Fire

Build your very own loop back fireside “throne” in our popular Beginning Windsor Chair class with Brian Cunfer & Tommy Boyd (Jan 19-25). Already have a special chair that needs a little repair? Try Caned & Woven Chair Seats with Richard Hall (Jan 12-17) to put a good seat on the sturdy frame. Weave heirloom rugs in 18th-century American Floor Coverings with Melissa Weaver Dunning to lay down in front of the hearth. Invite your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to sit down and tell them a story by the glow of the fire. Tell them tales you concocted in Writing for Children with Faye Gibbons (Nov 17-23) or Creating Children’s Picture Books with Elizabeth Dulemba (Long Weekend Dec 4-7). Prefer to Stand By the Fire? Get your forge fix in upcoming Blacksmithing classes: Introduction to Blacksmithing (Nov 15-17) with Gary Roath or A Foundation to Blacksmithing (Jan 12-17) with Robert Schulz.


SONY DSCFinally, don’t forget to tend to your hearth even when the fire is out. Create your perfect handmade broom in Brooms—Practical and Beautiful Gifts with Marlow Gates (Dec 8-14) to keep you hearth clean. Your broom will double as a piece of unique folk art standing proudly at attention by your fireplace’s side. Repair and restore old books in For the Love of Books—Traditional Bindings and More with Judith Beers (Jan 19-25).