aureliaLet’s get to know a little bit about our current host, Aurelia!

CP: Where are you from and what do you do there?
AE: I am from Virginia, but I work in Forestry and Land Management so I often move around for seasonal work.

CP: How did you hear about the Folk School?
AE: My parents took classes here back in the day (1970s/80s), so I grew up with having the catalog around the house. When I was young I would pick out one class every week that I wanted to take. So I guess you could say that being host is a childhood dream come true because now, as host, I get to pick out a class every week!

CP: What is a favorite Folk School memory?
AE: I love sitting around with folks in the community, having conversations and crafting.

CP: What are your “silver bullets?”
AE: Tinsmithing, Weaving – Celebration Towels, and Clay

CP: What’s your favorite place at the Folk School?
AE: The Rivercane Walk – I try to go on a walk there every day.

CP: What is your favorite thing about being host?
AE: When you are host, you are so integrated in the community – you get to see all the classes and meet all the instructors. It’s a really neat perspective.

CP: Favorite Dining Hall food?
AE: Quiche!

CP: Do you play an instrument?
AE: I built a Mountain Dulcimer, but I don’t know how to play it…yet.

CP: If you were a Contra dance move, what Contra dance move would you be?
AE: Balance & Swing

CP: If you spent the rest of your life at the Folk School, what house would you stay in and why?
AE: Farm house – it has the best front porch.

CP: What’s your favorite thing you’ve made at the Folk School?
AE: Pottery bowls in Kevin Crowe’s class.


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