aureliaLet’s get to know a little bit about our current host, Aurelia!

CP: Where are you from and what do you do there?
AE: I am from Virginia, but I work in Forestry and Land Management so I often move around for seasonal work.

CP: How did you hear about the Folk School?
AE: My parents took classes here back in the day (1970s/80s), so I grew up with having the catalog around the house. When I was young I would pick out one class every week that I wanted to take. So I guess you could say that being host is a childhood dream come true because now, as host, I get to pick out a class every week!

CP: What is a favorite Folk School memory?
AE: I love sitting around with folks in the community, having conversations and crafting.

CP: What are your “silver bullets?”
AE: Tinsmithing, Weaving – Celebration Towels, and Clay

CP: What’s your favorite place at the Folk School?
AE: The Rivercane Walk – I try to go on a walk there every day.

CP: What is your favorite thing about being host?
AE: When you are host, you are so integrated in the community – you get to see all the classes and meet all the instructors. It’s a really neat perspective.

CP: Favorite Dining Hall food?
AE: Quiche!

CP: Do you play an instrument?
AE: I built a Mountain Dulcimer, but I don’t know how to play it…yet.

CP: If you were a Contra dance move, what Contra dance move would you be?
AE: Balance & Swing

CP: If you spent the rest of your life at the Folk School, what house would you stay in and why?
AE: Farm house – it has the best front porch.

CP: What’s your favorite thing you’ve made at the Folk School?
AE: Pottery bowls in Kevin Crowe’s class.


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Cory Marie Podielski is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and writer for the John C. Campbell Folk School. She has been writing for the Folk School Blog since 2012 and enjoys interviewing artists, musicians, and craftspeople. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the banjo, dancing, printmaking, playing in clay, and assisting in Folk School bread baking classes.