As a Folk School blogger, one of the most requested pieces of information I receive from locals is: “Why don’t you introduce the Hosts?” Well, as a former Work/Study and Host, I think it’s a great idea. So without further adieu… Let’s get to know a little bit about our current senior host, Meredith!


Host Meredith Bridges in Mongolia

CP: Where are you from and what do you do there?
MB: Stone Mountain, GA, but currently I live in Mountain Rest, SC. I design and make leather travel gear for my craft business Nomad Travel Gear.

CP: You make a living through craft – very cool. How did you get into making travel gear?
MB: My mom is an airline employee, so I have been traveling my whole life. I was always looking for the perfect backpack and cases for traveling light, so eventually I started designing and making my own. Nomad Travel Gear was born to share the efficient and multi-functional designs I developed during my travels.  

CP: How did you hear about the Folk School?
MB: I found out about it from my mom, who has taken a bunch of Woodworking classes. She especially loves Marquetry classes.

Host Meredith

Meredith is wearing the basket backpack she created in Susan Taylor’s class.

CP: What are your “silver bullets*?”
MB: Basketry: Totes and Backpacks with Susan Taylor
Knitting: Circular Machine Knitting – Basic & Beyond with Lucy Best
Beads: Beginning Beadweaving on a Loom with Ronald Midkiff

*A “silver bullet” is a class that the host picks that they will get into without the risk of being pushed out because of a full class. Each host gets to pick 3 silver bullets – the other classes they take are based on availability

CP: What’s your favorite place at the Folk School?
MB: Rock Room. It’s painted teal – my favorite color. It is well-equipped, there are big windows, there’s a stove, and you are right next to Woodworking.

CP: If you had a favorite Dining Hall meal, what would it be?
MB: The black bean enchiladas we had today were pretty delicious.

CP: Do you like to dance?
MB: Yes, the main reason I wanted to be host during this particular time of the year, was Winter Dance Week, which was so fun! I loved having three dances a day plus singing  – I would definitely do it again!

CP: If you were a contra dance move, what move would you be?
MB: Roll away with a half sashay.

CP: What’s your favorite residence at the Folk School? Where would you want to stay?
MB: I like quaint, historic farm-houses – so Farm House. Mill House is great too – I’d want to try to get that water wheel moving.


Co-hosts Leah and Meredith getting ready to do some rounds.

CP: What is your favorite thing about being host so far?
MB: It’s really nice to hang out with other craft people on a day-to-day basis. At home, I am used to working in the studio alone, so here it is nice to have a constant community of like-minded crafty folks.

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Cory Marie Podielski
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