Students practicing fiddle

Students practicing fiddle

We’ve got lots of great classes coming up at the Folk School in March… the first signs of spring are coming to the Appalachian Mountains. Come and witness the beauty of a new season and take your spring break at the Folk School! 

Daffodils in bloom

Daffodils in bloom

Cape Point Sweater

Cape Point Sweater by Margaret Radcliffe

March 2-8, 2014

Backyard Baskets with Judy Zugish

Glass Bead Making- Kick it Up! with Marjorie Langston & Terry Hale

Book Arts Sampler with Annie Fain Liden Barralon

Mud-made Fun: Getting a Spin on the Potter’s Wheel with Andrew Stephenson

Easiest Sweaters in the World with Margaret Radcliffe

Tinsmithing with Harry Kruppenbach & Clinton Pitts, Jr.

Continuing Fiddle with Cathy Grant

Getting a spin on the potter's wheel

Getting a spin on the potter’s wheel

Silk Painting 101 with Donna Kassab

Understanding Your Camera with Glenn Barnett

“Transitions” Strip Quilt with Patsi Deans

Dynamic Warps = Jaw-dropping Cloth with Kathrin Weber

Laid-back Woodcarving and Flute Making with John Davis

Hollow Forms Made Easy with John Keeton


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