Birds, Butterflies, and Bee: Pollinators in the Folk School Garden

Birds, Butterflies, and Bee: Pollinators in the Folk School Garden


"Chocolate & French Pasteries" with Katia Reeb

Making Sweet Treats in the Cooking Studio

It’s true – flowers and chocolates are classic tokens of affection. To really woo your sweetie this year, make him or her a handmade gift from your heart. To really really woo your darling, do Valentine’s Day differently this year. Surprise him or her with a real treat – a Folk School class you know they’ll love. Embrace romance and take a look at our Valentine’s Day themed class recommendations.

Spend a week together in the mountains creating, growing, and relaxing. Instead of getting a box of chocolates, consider the class Making Artisan Chocolate, spice it up with Eclectic Indian Cuisine, or bake a pie for your sweetie in the Lost Art of Pie Making.


English Country Dance Weekend

Kick up your heels and take a dance class together like English Country Dance, Learn to Contra Dance, or Contra and Square Dancing.

Gardens are romantic spots – discover how to grow Heirloom Vegetables, Mushrooms, or Tomatoes. You know what they say about the birds and the bees! Learn all about the Garden Pollinators: Birds, Bees, and Butterflies or Beekeeping-How Sweet it Is.

A new package of bees arrives at the school’s garden.

A new package of bees arrives at the school’s garden.



Dip your hand into some clay and try your hand at the potter’s wheel.

Don’t buy jewelry, make your own jewelry in Beginning Jewelry. Looking for the perfect rock? You can turn any stone into a gorgeous wearable in Traditional & Nontraditional Stone Setting with Cabochons.

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze proved in the movie Ghost that dipping your hands into clay can be pretty darn romantic. Slip your own hands into some wet clay in Pottery Passion or Pottery Basics for Beginners.

Take your love letters to a new level as you learn the art of calligraphy in Cursive Italic Hand for Journaling & Correspondence, Incredible, Indelible Italic! or Illuminated Letters with a Golden Touch.


A student’s variety of all-natural soaps.

Make bath time a luxurious, luscious experience by making the body care of your dreams in classes like Make Your Own Natural Soap & Bath Products, Skin & Hair Extraordinaire or Raw Milk Soaps and Natural Body Care.

With many class choices offered every week at the Folk School, many couples come to enjoy a vacation together, while not necessarily taking the same class. This gives you time to focus on something you really love on your own and then you can spend time with your sweetie at meals, strolling around the grounds, and at activities. It’s the perfect vacation to share with your loved one!

Our 2014 Romantic Class Picks in Chronological Order:

Cursive Italic Hand for Journaling & Correspondence with Michael Hughey (April 13-19)
Make Your Own Natural Soap & Bath Products with Colleen Trickett (Apr 20-26)
Beekeeping-How Sweet it Is with Virginia Webb (May 2-4 Weekend)
Growing Great Tomatoes with Karen Hurtubise (May 2-4 Weekend)
English Country Dance Weekend with Gene Murrow and Bob Dalsemer (May 2-4 Weekend)
Pottery Basics for Beginners with Gail Freeman (May 11-17)
Heirloom Vegetables with Frances Juhlin (May 11-17)
Growing Your Own Mushrooms with Ken Zinkand (May 30-June 1 Weekend)
Contra and Square Dancing with Bob Dalsemer & Diane Silver (June 15-21)
Illuminated Letters with a Golden Touch with Sharon Coogle (June 29-July 5)
Pottery Passion with Joe & Tonda Jeffcoat (July 20-26)
The Lost Art of Pie Making with Barbara Swell (July 20-26)
Beginning Jewelry with Lisa Barr & Kay Patterson  (July 27-Aug 1)
Skin & Hair Extraordinaire with Colleen Trickett (Aug 1-3 Weekend)
Garden Pollinators: Birds, Bees, and Butterflies with Karen Hurtubise (Aug 1-3 Weekend)
Making Artisan Chocolate with Crawford Rizor & Jessica West (Aug 10-16)
Eclectic Indian Cuisine with Ruby Banerjee (Sept 21-27)
Traditional & Nontraditional Stone Setting with Cabochons with Tom & Kay Benham (Oct 19-24)
Learn to Contra Dance with Bob Dalsemer (Oct 24-26 Weekend)
Raw Milk Soaps and Natural Body Care with Pam Custer (Oct 26-Nov 1)
Incredible, Indelible Italic! with Michael Smith (Nov 9-14)

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