Try Your Hand at Painting & Drawing

"Barn in Field" pastel by Carolyn Molder
“Barn in Field” pastel by Carolyn Molder
A student paints the Orchard House view on the scenic path by Field House

The Folk School offers traditional Painting and Drawing classes that encourage you to embrace the natural beauty of the Folk School Campus. Bring your vision to life through different media – acrylics, watercolor, pen & ink, pencils, and more. Capture pastoral landscapes or colorful blooms and watch your canvas come to life in classes like:

Beginning to Intermediate Pastel
with Carolyn Molder (June 1-7)
Fresh Florals in Watercolor
with Elly Hobgood (June 29-July 5)
Beginning Pen & Ink-Wildlife & Landscape
with Alan R. Young (July 11-13)
Beginning Watercolor with Kathy Chastain (July 13-19 Intergenerational Week)
Fearless Painting: Adventures in Acrylic with Bradley Wilson (July 20-26)
Painting by Bradley Wilson
Painting by Bradley Wilson

Cathy Wiggins works on one of her quilts.
Cathy Wiggins works on one of her quilts.

We also have several classes coming up that combine painting with other craft subjects. Make your own natural paints, enjoy painting on basketry, create your own painted wholecloth to use for quilting, or learn to finish your woodcarving with color. We offer a variety of upcoming classes that you’ll find listed under multiple subjects:

Painted Pictorial Wholecloth with Cathy Wiggins (June 1-7, Quilting)
Pigments from the Earth with Sandy Webster (June 8-14, Nature Studies)
Brushes & Reed with Joan Stoneham & Carol Blackburn (June 29-July 5, Basketry)
Bird Carving: Indigo Bunting • Riley Monroe (Aug. 3-9, Woodcarving)
Carving & Painting a Smoothie Lesser Scaup Drake Decoy with Jim Carpenter
(Aug. 17-22, Woodcarving)

Remember: Good ideas often start on a sketchpad!

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    1. Hello,
      Our next class for that specific interest is Old Masters Style of Oil Painting with instructor Melody Boggs, August 16 – 21, 2015. For more information on the class, please visit: Thank you for your interest!

    1. Thank you for your interest in taking a drawing class here at the Folk School. We offer several classes that involve drawing. Please visit our website for more information: Hope to see you at the Folk School soon!

    1. Hi John, Thanks for letting us know. Since this blog is from 2014, these classes have already occurred and the website link is dead since it was time sensitive. We will look into how to improve our linking system. Thanks for the heads up!

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